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Geppetto & Pinocchio German Nutcracker

Geppetto & Pinocchio German Nutcracker

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This Nutcracker is made by the legendary Steinbach company. For generations Steinbach has brought joy and pleasure to collectors from around the world. The Steinbach Nutcrackers are undoubtedly the most famous ones in the world. Steinbach means highest level of quality and brilliancy in design. 

Nutcracker description by Mr. Steinbach:
Everyone knows Pinocchio, the famous figure known the world over, and whose homeland was Italy. Originally he was a carved boy rascal figurine with a characteristic long nose and long extremities, but soon his creator was inspired to make a puppet out of him. Whether in Japan, Russia, Europe or America, Pinocchio is at home everywhere in the world. Many stories are told by him, and when he exaggerates and doesn't always exactly tell the truth, he grows a long red nose. His creator in Italy was the master woodcarver Geppetto, but we were the ones who first taught him how to switch Pinocchio's noses.

15.7" Tall

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